It's purpose is to provide a short, catchy, and ease minded domain name to and for the many friends with pictures and links scattered throughout this site.

But WOW... I mean where do I begin to tell you the story?,
Rather, let me jump ahead and say... Time is running slim as the transfering paperworks are being prepared in the interests of the late rapper 2PAC. An issue of intellectual property rights stated by the legal representation of his estate. In which he (Eric J. Farber) states, "The Estate of Tupac Shakur has the exclusive trademark on the name ThugNation and therefore your use of this domain name is in direct violation of that exclusive trademark.
But I was allowed to (Note: at this point I will still assume the responability that I am the conjourer)cullumnate, register, and purchase www.thugnation.com in advance for 2 years thru a popular domain name registrations site. So, are there truly rights to thugnation? surely their can't be to thug... it is a word in most dictonaries. And if any one knows of the late TUPAC, they would most likely recall the tattoo accross his chest... THUGLIFE. a search on thugnation revealed that there are many other sites using the name thugnation. Some with spaces, etc... here's one example of a site I found... check it out...


(meanwhile I have the proper individuals accessing these records... as this issue has arose only less than a week from today) But I am willing to accept if the decisioning is not in my favor. If you saw that sight listed above... the only difference is I registered my site, the benefit Is, own a short and sweet site address. So, Is it possible that someone else wants the site bad enough to raise this issue. It's very likely that if and upon my certifying to binding contract, forfeiting the rights, and turning over my current domain name its use would probably become a site dedicated to the late TUPAC.
what do you think?

Some are favored as others are not.
I mean heres your another example: Look in the business directory of your local telephone directory. The first page you open is the A's. Alot businessess would like their business advertisement here since, of course, it's likely one of the first pages turned! But now look at the names throughout the A's. Match how many of them have the same name; however, operate a different type of business... and just imagine how many of them there may be actualy operating under the same name throught the world. Now are you starting understand this principle!

The site www.thugnation.com furthermore has no affiliations to the late TUPAC SHAKUR. Even more so is not a sight of source within any means of financial gains. So therefor it does not qualify for the term used in case law of copyright law...cyber squadding. (once again providing that the trademarks are direct and are not just being expressed as the basis of covering a whole CD word for word, where as in a song or part of a lyric there becomes a mentioning.

Another words it is kinda hard to fight a losing battle!
Since I as well as the many others are not armed with the, and I quote, "fat pockets".
We are limited to what we can say or do!
In my case...I'll stand right up and say I feel taken by a lack of resource and knowledge.
Even more so as I have become convinced I am viewed as the typical persuasable youth.